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Mapuche flag is each of the flags used as an emblem and symbol of Mapuche communities and organizations in Chile and Argentina. There are several different flags representing the Mapuche communities and territories.

In Chile[edit]

Wenufoye, the flag of Chilean Mapuches.

In March 1991, the Chilean Mapuche organization Aukiñ Wallmapu Ngulam, also known as Council of All Lands, makes a call to make the flag of the Mapuche nation. About 500 designs were submitted, of which a one was selected for the Mapuche nation. The flag is called Wenufoye(in mapudungun The Heaven's Cinnamon). [1]

The colors and forms of this Mapuche flag represents:

  • Yellow (chod or choz): renewal, symbol of the sun.
  • Blue (kallfü): life, order, wealth and the universe. In Mapudungun, is also an adjective that could be translated as "sacred" or "spiritual".
  • White (lüq): the cleansing, healing and longevity symbol of wisdom and prosperity
  • Red (kelü): strength and power, symbol of history.
  • Green (karü): the earth or nature, wisdom, fertility and healing power, symbol of the machi (Mapuche shaman).
  • Cultrun, a "Mapuche drum": This is a hemispherical percussion instruments for ceremonial use and social on your surface, representing the Earth's surface, are drawn the Meli Witran Mapu (the four cardinal points) and including the sun, moon and stars. Universal symbol of wisdom.
  • Gemil,staggered cross or star, similar to the cross Inca or chacana, represents the art of manufacturing, science and knowledge, is a symbol system.

In addition, there are five other flags representing the different regions: Huenteche, Huilliche, Lafquenche, Nagche and Pehuenche.

In Argentina[edit]

Flag of the Mapuche-Tehuelche communities.

The flag of Argentinian Tehuelche-Mapuche people (not confused with extinct Tehuelche people) was created in 1987 by Julio Antieco, and ratified in 1991 by the 1st Assembly of Aboriginal Leaders and Communities in Trevelin. The Chubut Province declares this symbol as "official emblem of the aboriginal communities of the province" (Act 4,072).

Their colors and symbolism are:

  • Blue: the sky
  • White: color of the "holy horse" (mythological spirit)
  • Yellow: the sun
  • Blue arrowhead: the fight of this people.


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