Flag of the Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg
Flag of Solomon Islands
Use National flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 18 November 1977
Design Blue and green flag divided with a yellow rising diagonal; with five white, five-pointed stars (2-1-2) in canton.

The national flag of Solomon Islands was adopted officially on 18 November 1977.

Make up[edit]

The five main island groups are represented by the five stars.[1] The blue is supposed to represent the surrounding ocean, while the green represents the land. The yellow stripe is symbolic of the sunshine.

The civil ensign[2] (for merchant ships) and state ensign[3] (for non-military government vessels) are red and blue flags, respectively, with the national flag in the canton.

The naval ensign[4] (for police vessels) is based on the British white ensign, a red cross on a white field, also with the national flag in the canton.



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