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Flagship Docs
Flagship Docs Screenshot.PNG
Developer(s) RPI Web Tech Group
Initial release February 2, 2010 (2010-02-02)
Stable release 2.0
Development status Unmaintained
Written in Ruby on Rails
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Document Management System, Content Management Systems, Groupware, Open Source
License MIT license
Website github.com/wtg/flagship_docs

Flagship Docs is a document management system designed to serve as a web-accessible central repository for an organization's document distribution needs[1] Flagship Docs includes a permission system to limit what documents are publicly available, which requires a login, and which are accessible only by the owner. Additionally, Flagship tracks document revisions, providing any user the ability to download a previous version of a document or, with the right privileges, upload a new revision. AJAX enabled live search is available from every page, searching all the text that could be extracted from documents in the system.

Flagship Docs is written in Ruby on Rails, and uses Ferret heavily for document indexing and searching.[1] Several other open source tools[2] are used to extract text from uploaded documents for indexing needs.

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