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Flair Leisure Products plc is a British distributor of children's toys located in Cheam, Surrey.


Flair was founded in 1999 by former K'NEX executives, Peter Brown, Simon Hedge and Carl Moran. The annual turnover was £1.8m in 1999 and had increased to £30.7m by 2008/9. The key personnel of Flair were responsible for the launching of Tomy & K'NEX in the United Kingdom.[1]

K'nex Big Ball box


It is well known for its Arts and Crafts products. Flair was acquired by the Italian toy company Giochi Preziosi in March 2008. Flair has over 60 staff based in Cheam, Surrey. They are known to be the number two supplier in the independent trade alongside a team of agents that cover the United Kingdom and Ireland. Flair is considered to have the most diverse customer base of any other toy company.[2] Flair is one of the United Kingdom's top ten toy companies that has been continuing to grow over the last 12 years.[1] They are the original company to supply the popular toy, Slinky, over 60 years ago. They sold more than 300 million pieces of just this one toy. [3]

Notable toys[edit]

Flair is notable for its toy range which includes:

Sylvanian families
The popular Etch-A-sketch toy
Case of unused Plasticine


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