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Origin Mexico City, Mexico
Genres Pop
Years active 1985–1991
Labels Fonovisa
Past members Ivonne

Flans was an all-female Mexican pop music group, which enjoyed popularity from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. Its members were the singers Ivonne Margarita Guevara García, Ilse María Olivo Schweinfurth and Irma Angélica Hernández Ochoa. They were generally known as Ivonne, Ilse, and Mimí.



The three girls were initially cast in the mid-1980s for a TV show to be called Fans, which was to feature chats and sing-alongs with guest stars. When plans for the show fell through, a project was started to turn the girls into a pop music sensation. The group was renamed Flans and their first album, Flans, was launched in 1985. Their style was mainly pop music and ballads although one of their albums (Cuéntamelo Dum-Dum) was somewhat child-oriented.[citation needed]

First breakup[edit]

The group released a new album every year until 1991 when they separated, with a national tour and the release of their "last" album: Adiós. After their separation in 1990, Ivonne married and devoted herself to painting; Mimí and Ilse started solo careers, with Mimí also being the host for a TV show.


Rumors of a reunion started in 1999 and were confirmed with the 2000 release of Hadas, although further work by the group has been sporadic.

Due to a brief dispute with their former manager (Mildred Villafañe) over the ownership of the name "Flans", the group changed their name to IIM in 2002 and released a new album of electronic versions of their greatest hits.

20 Millas Después[edit]

In 2006, the group returned under the name Flans for a good-bye tour "20 Millas Después", with a final concert in Mexico City. A new album has been in discussion since 2002, with Ilse and Mimi willing to record as Flans again, however Ivonne has said she is not interested in being a part of the group anymore, so a future for Flans seems unlikely. They recently got back together in 2011 for a photography shoot for MEXICO SUENA a book showcasing the best in Mexican Pop Culture. A reunion now seems like a reality based on video clips from this event.




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