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Manufacturer Williams
Release date January 1979
System Williams System 4 & 6
Designer(s) Steve Ritchie
Programmer(s) Randy Pfeiffer[1]
Artwork Constantino Mitchell
Mechanics John Jung
Sound Randy Pfeiffer
Production run 19,505

Flash is a 1979 pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams. This was Ritchie's first game for Williams after leaving Atari, after he was finished developing the Superman pinball for Atari. There is no connection between the game and the comics character. This game was known for having the first background sound for a pinball game, as well as the first pinball game to use flash lamps.

Steve designed about 90% the game on a cocktail napkin during a flight, while flying from Atari to Williams. The game also broke the factory production record at Williams and is still Steve's biggest seller.[2]


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