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Flashblock is a content-filtering Firefox extension for the Mozilla Firefox- and Mozilla Application Suite-based web browsers. Version 1.3.x is compatible with SeaMonkey and other Gecko-based browsers. Flashblock version 1.5.x is compatible with Firefox 3.0 to 17+ only.

Flashblock allows users to prevent page elements, such as HTML object tag browser plug-ins and advertisements, from being displayed. Flashblock does neither stop the download of Flash content nor does it prevent its execution completely.

The extension uses XBL and CSS to prevent elements of Silverlight, Macromedia Authorware, Adobe Director and Adobe Flash from being displayed.[1] Flashblock does not prevent the elements from being downloaded.[2]

Flashblock provides a mechanism that allows users to display the blocked elements by clicking on them, or by whitelisting.

Flashblock is based on a bookmarklet by Jesse Ruderman.[1][3]

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