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A flask is a type of container and may refer to:

  • Laboratory flask, laboratory glassware for holding larger volumes than simple test tubes
    • Erlenmeyer flask, a widely used type of laboratory flask which features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck
  • Vacuum flask a container designed to keep warm drinks warm and refrigerated drinks cold
  • Hip flask, a small container used to carry a small amount of liquid
  • Flask (casting) a container without a top or bottom, with sides only, used to hold molding sand
  • Powder flask (gunpowder)

Flask may also refer to:

  • FLASK, the Flux Advanced Security Kernel, an operating system security architecture
  • A flask, a unit of mass used exclusively to measure liquid mercury and equivalent to 76 pounds (34 kg)
  • Flask (web framework) a web framework for the Python programming language

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