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Flatbrød in a Brødkorg
Type Flatbread
Place of origin Norway
Main ingredients Barley flour, salt, water
Cookbook:Flatbrød  Flatbrød
Making flatbrød ~ 1904, Norway

Flatbrød (literally "flat-bread") is a traditional Norwegian unleavened bread which is currently usually eaten with fish, salted meats and soups. Originally it was the staple food of Norwegian shepherds, peasants, and Vikings.

The basic ingredients are barley flour, salt, and water, though many varieties exist which incorporate other staples.[1]

It was once generally eaten in all meals, most often with cured herring and cold boiled potato, often along with sour cream and/or butter. Another use is served with betasuppe, a traditional meat soup. The thinner the bread is, the better it is. It is rolled and then cooked on a large griddle. The tradition of making flat bread has been passed down generation after generation by housewives. However, each person has their own recipe for preparing it. Also, the dry climate in Norway allows it to be stored for a long period of time.[1]

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