Flaugergues (crater)

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Sinus Sabaeus map.JPG
Quadrangle map of Sinus Sabaeus labeled with major features. Colored rectangles represent image footprints of Mars Global Surveyor.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 17°00′S 340°48′W / 17°S 340.8°W / -17; -340.8Coordinates: 17°00′S 340°48′W / 17°S 340.8°W / -17; -340.8
Diameter 245 km
Eponym Honore Flaugergues, a French astronomer (1755-1835)

Flaugergues Crater is a crater in the Sinus Sabaeus quadrangle on Mars at 17° south latitude and 340.8° west longitude. It is about 245 km in diameter. It was named after Honore Flaugergues, a French astronomer (1755-1835).[1]