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"Sunny" Fleabass
Manufacturer Fleabass
Period 2009 - 2011
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body Alder
Neck Maple
Fretboard Rosewood
Bridge Fixed
Pickup(s) One passive, dual coil Humbucking pickup.
Colors available

(Punk Bass): Green body and headstock, pink pick guard

(Water Bass): Blue body and headstock, orange pick guard

(The Wild One): Black body and headstock, white pick guard

(Sunny Bass): Orange body and headstock, yellow pick guard

"Fleabass" is the name of the instrument company that Flea (bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), started in 2009. His goal was to start a music company that could provide young people with high quality bass guitars for affordable prices. Flea then closed down the business stating that he was not enjoying the 'business side of things'.

Models and Designs[edit]

Fleabasses are very distinct from other brands because of their bright colors and unique circular pickguards. They were available in a standard "Touring Bass" (formerly called Model 32) which has a 34 inch neck, or a "Junior Model" which has a 30 inch neck. Both have 20 frets, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and alder body. These models were available in four different color schemes. "Sunny Bass"(yellow/orange), "Water Bass" (orange/blue), "Punk Bass" (pink/green) and "The Wild One" (white/black).

The cheaper "street" bass was available in black & white, silver & black, blue & white and white & black. The street bass came with exactly the same hardware as the touring bass but has a basswood body and uses a lower grade plastic for the pickguard.

Each Fleabass touring bass and junior model came set up with a clean low action[citation needed], and equipped with GHS Strings. Comes in a black tweed gig bag with embroidered logo, input cable, and adjustment tools; as well as an instructional video hosted by Flea himself. Some of these extra features (input cable, adjustment tools and instructional video) were not included in the "street bass" model of the Fleabass. All Fleabasses are made in China.