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Fletcher's Cove
Fletcher's Cove is located in District of Columbia
Fletcher's Cove
Location within Washington, D.C.
Location Washington, D.C.
Coordinates 38°55′08″N 77°06′11″W / 38.919°N 77.103°W / 38.919; -77.103Coordinates: 38°55′08″N 77°06′11″W / 38.919°N 77.103°W / 38.919; -77.103

Fletcher's Cove is a park and recreation area owned and managed by National Park Service, located at 4940 Canal Road, Washington, D.C. 20007, between Chain and Key Bridges, part of Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park.

Fletcher's Cove is accessible safely from westbound Canal Road (crossing the eastbound lane) and unsafely from eastbound Canal Road, requiring a dangerous hairpin right turn.

Fletcher's Cove in Washington DC, on the C&O Canal

Its facilities include a small parking lot off Canal Road, a bridge across C&O Canal Towpath, a tunnel under C&O Canal Towpath; a large parking lot with 400 spaces alongside Potomac River, a snack bar open six months a year, and rowboat / canoe rental open six months a year. Boaters putting out from Fletcher's Cove may ply the quiet waters of C&O Canal or the more turbulent waters of Potomac River. Fletcher's Cove is about 200 meters west of C&O Canal Towpath Milestone, well below the fall line, which intersects the Potomac River about C&O Canal Towpath Milestone 6 at Little Falls and more dramatically about C&O Canal Towpath Milestone 13 (Great Falls). Potomac River is non-navigable above the Fall Line. Fletcher's Cove is the first marina east of the fall line, and thus a popular recreation area where boaters can enjoy Potomac River waters safely.

Fletcher's Cove has been in this location since the 1850s and is renowned as a fishing and recreational area.[1] The nearby Abner Cloud House is the oldest building on the canal, dating back to 1802. After 145 years of business, the fourth generation of the Fletcher family retired in 2004 and Guest Services Incorporated, a National Park Service concessionaire, assumed responsibility for the operation of the concessions. The area surrounding the boat house was then officially named Fletcher's Cove, though most people still call it Fletcher's Boat House.

Fletcher's Cove is in The Palisades, Washington, D.C.


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