Fletcher Islands

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Fletcher Islands
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 66°53′S 143°05′E / 66.883°S 143.083°E / -66.883; 143.083
Population 0
Additional information
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

The Fletcher Islands are a small group of islands lying 6 miles (9.7 km) west-southwest (WSW) of Cape Gray in the eastern part of Commonwealth Bay. The Fletcher Islands are located at 66°53′S 143°05′E / 66.883°S 143.083°E / -66.883; 143.083. The Fletcher Islands were discovered by the Australian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) (1911-1914) under Douglas Mawson, who gave the name Fletcher to Fletcher Island, the large island of the group. The United States Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) recommends that the name Fletcher also be applied for the group in keeping with the interpretation shown on G.D. Blodgett's 1955 map compiled from air photos taken by U.S. Navy (USN) Operation Highjump (1946-1947).

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