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Founded Cambridgeshire, 1972
Headquarters Chessington, London
Website http://www.flexifoil.com/

Flexifoil International is a designer and manufacturer of kite products. Started in 1972 by Ray Merry and Andrew Jones in Cambridgeshire, England, Flexifoil has become known for its power kiting products. Flexifoil owes its early success to its original Stacker 6 kite, which became the first commercially sold recreational power kite.[citation needed] This kite could be attached to other Stackers to make a more powerful kite and it is still available today. Other successful kites have included the Stranger trick kite and the Blade series. A factor in Flexifoil's success has been the growing popularity of kitesurfing[citation needed] and they manufacture boards, foil and LEI kites such as the Proton, Ion, Hadlow Pro, Sting, Rage, Blurr and Blade for the sport.

Flexifoil Blade[edit]

The Blade is a ram-air inflated traction kite made by Flexifoil that has large lift making it ideal for land and snow kiting.[citation needed] It could be used for Kitesurfing but because it is not an LEI (leading edge inflatable) this is not recommended as it is very hard to re-launch the wet kite.[citation needed] There is an option in the control system for the kite either handles or on a bar, more control can be gained by using handles due to the brake lines. The control system chosen affects the price of the unit.

The Blade is currently in its 5th series [1]. They come in a range of different sizes to match the varying wind conditions and rider ability. The most popular size of the series is the 4.9m which is held to have the perfect balance between speed and lift.[citation needed]

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