Flinch (band)

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Origin Tampere, Finland
Genres Glam rock
Years active 2002 (2002)–present
Labels Hype Records
Website flinchband.fi
Members Mikko Häkkilä
Olli Laukkanen
Tuukka Hänninen
Juuso Valkeala
Ville Liimatainen

Flinch is glam rock band from Tampere, Finland formed in 2003.

Band members[edit]

Band history[edit]

Initial success[edit]

The band released their debut single "Tuulet" in 2005, where it reached number 2 on the Finnish music charts.[1] Their follow-up single "Liikaa" was released in early 2006 and reached number 2.[2]

The band's debut album, Kuvastin, was released in 2006 and reached number 17 on the Finnish album charts.[3]

Change in lineup[edit]

In early 2007 there was a significant change in lineup, and front man Liimatainen became the only remaining original member. Commenting on the split, Liimatainen stated that "that group arrived to a point where there was no other choice than splitting. The former band members wanted to do other things. Despite the changes inside the band, fans have remained faithful. Feedback up to now has been positive".[4]

On April 9, 2008 the band released their second album Irrallaan. It was produced by Jonne Aaron, Liimatainen's elder brother and frontman of the band Negative.



Year Title Chart (Finland)
2006 Kuvastin 17
2008 Irrallaan -


  • Tuulet (17.8.2005)
  • Liikaa (25.1.2006)
  • Taivas Tähtiverhoineen
  • 1986

Music Videos[edit]

  • Liikaa
  • Taivas tähtiverhoineen


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