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Flip TV
Flip TV logo
Launched March 28, 2007
Closed December 31, 2011
Owned by Tri-Axis Entertainment Group Inc.

Flip TV was a cable and satellite channel owned by Tri-Axis Entertainment Group, Inc. and launched on March 28, 2007, which broadcasts Filipino productions accessible from the Mabuhay Satellite. Flip TV's main office is located at Unit 1101 Atlanta Center Condominium, #33 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City.

Corporate Brief[edit]

Tri-Axis Entertainment Group was a wholly owned Filipino corporation founded in January 2007 primarily established to provide cable television programming that features all-Filipino productions through its channel FLIP. FLIP’s first broadcast via satellite was on April of the same year.


Flip TV Originals[edit]

Flip Jokes[edit]

A filler that features upcoming Filipino comedians reenacting classic and fresh jokes. The show is being aired between TV series and movies.


Julius Falco, Via, Erwin, Lei, Leo

Pinoy Airsofter[edit]

An extreme sport program that caters to war-game enthusiasts that features everything about Airsoft from various teams and game sites to guns and accessories.


Abby Asistio

Rock Republik[edit]

A music oriented show focusing on the alternative side of the music industry. Rock Republik features upcoming Filipino bands.



Flip Dolls[edit]

A show that reveals more than what men wanna see. Flip Dolls exposes everything that happens in a photo shoot, from set lighting to make-up preparations are shown.


Executive Producer Kristine "Tyn" Cuyugan

A show featuring the latest events with hosts Abby asistio, Pompi and Ced. Oh yes, what happens in washappennin, stays in washappennin.


  • Flip Movies

Other Shows[edit]

  • Musik Planet
  • Gay Boxing

Flip TV Classics[edit]

Note: Some of the programs are formerly aired on BBC-2 RPN 9 IBC-13 and one from GMA.

Drama Series[edit]

Comedy Series[edit]

  • ATM
  • Barangay Unang Sigaw
  • Buddy en Sol
  • Champoy
  • D'on po sa Amin
  • Gabi ni Dolphy
  • John En Marsha
  • Puruntong
  • Ready na Direk
  • Sic O'Clock News

Lifestyle & Travel[edit]

  • Better Home Ideas
  • Muscles in Motion with Anna Unson-Price
  • Road Trip

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