Flipper and Lopaka

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Flipper and Lopaka
Flipper and Lopaka.jpg
Genre Adventure
Written by Glen Dolman
Rachel Spratt
David Witt
Directed by Yoram Gross
Voices of Jodie Dry
Robyn Moore (season 1 and 2 only)
Jane U'Brien (season 3 only)
Jamie Oxenbould (season 1 and 2 only)
Carter Hayden (season 3 only)
Troy Planet
Keith Scott (season 1 and 2 only)
John Stocker (season 3 only)
Josh Quong Tart
Shane Withington
Theme music composer Clive Harrison
Opening theme "Flipper's Theme", performed by Mark Williams (1 and 2 only),
Gordon Downie and Louise Anton (3 only)
Ending theme "Flipper's Theme" (Instrumental)
Composer(s) Guy Gross
Clive Harrison
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 78
Executive producer(s) Sandra Gross (Season 1)
Tim Brooke-Hunt (Season 1)
Dr. Sylvia Rothblum (Season 2)
Producer(s) Yoram Gross
Editor(s) Djorje Lukic (Season 1)
Roger Grant (Season 2)
Dee Liebenberg (Season 2)
David Stiven (Season 2)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Animation Filmakers Corporation
EM.TV & Merchandising AG
Yoram Gross Films Studio (Season 1)
Yoram Gross-EM.TV (Season 2–3)
Original channel Seven Network
Original run 1999 – 2005

Flipper & Lopaka is an Australian animated series produced by the Yoram Gross[1] companies: Yoram Gross Films Studio (only in Season 1) and Yoram Gross-EM.TV (instead in the Seasons 2 and 3). It previously aired on Australia's Seven Network at various times. It currently airs on Australia's ABC3, a channel dedicated to children's television programs.


The series takes place on the Millhouse island of Illoka. The islanders survive without the use of modern technology, because bamboo and grass don't generate electricity, building huts out of bamboo and fern and eating various fruits found on the island floor. Beneath the surrounding ocean lies Quetso, a sunken Millhouse island now home to many sea creatures. Quetso is now ruled by Flipper's parents.

During Season 3, Flipper and Lopaka discover that Quetso was sunk long ago when King Dextorian brought Neptune's Statue and Trident to the surface. At the same time a sea volcano was set off, sinking Quetso and forming Illoka. The curse of Neptune's Trident is still unleashed on Quetso, and Flipper and Lopaka have to sink the Statue to save everyone.


All seasons[edit]

Lopaka - Lopaka is an 11 year old Polynesian boy, referred to in the show as a menehune, who has the power to converse with sea creatures, like his dolphin friend Flipper, he can also breathe underwater. He was rescued by Flipper from drowning as a child, and they've been best friends since. The islanders of Iloka often wonder where Lopaka disappears to, Lopaka must reveal his underwater secret. He wears a red islanders skirt, and an arm band, which all males wear on Iloka. Lopaka is a very loyal friend, to sea creatures and islanders alike.

Flipper - Flipper is a quick-witted, agile, loyal and friendly bottlenose dolphin, whose parents are the rulers of Quetzo. When trouble arises in the underwater city (usually thanks to Dexter), the citizens of Quetzo turn to Flipper for a plan. And he never fails them. Flipper has a white underbelly, with a light blue top. He is the most trusted person in Quetzo, and the biggest target for Dexter.

Dexter - Dexter is the giant octopus that is bent on ruling Quetzo. He is deceiving, manipulative and a downright coward. Many times has Flipper and Lopaka saved him from certain death, but only repays them by concocting a new plan to destroy Flipper. Dexter lives in a grotto in the outskirts of Quetzo, under Iloka. Although he praises himself for his 'excellence', Dexter isn't the brightest octopus around. But he should not be underestimated: when he really wants to, Dexter can be very devious. Unlike a normal octopus, Dexter only has six tentacles.

Serge - Serge is the brains behind most of Dexter's plans. He is a bright green coral snake, with a devious and sharp mind. Even though he is truly the brain of Dexter's troupe, Serge never is applauded by his master, but is something goes wrong, he is blamed.

Season 2[edit]

Professor Troy, Spike and Goose - Professor Troy is a talented scientist who wants to find out the history of Quetso and Illoka, and the reason that it sank. She is good hearted and her son, Spike, is friends with Lopaka and is surprised the Milihune can get along without 20th century essentials. He tries teaching them about it by playing along with them. Goose, Troy's off-beat assistant is a young man of few words; every time he speaks, he does so with an accent. For example, if he were to say "Help me!", he would say it slowly, in a low voice. He wears an aqua vest and jeans.

Season 3[edit]

Captain Barnibus Crab, Kim, Simon - Captain Crab is a short, modern-day pirate who has come to the waters of Illoka to search for Neptune's Statue and Neptune's Trident. His niece, 18 or so year-old Kim has come to assist him, and also gain pirating experience. Kim is an eager pirate, and is the technical wiz of the ship. Simon on the other hand, is a large deck hand/chef. He is accident prone, and will commit piracy, but he is really a gentle giant.

Ultra - Ultra is a pink dolphin, who was taken from her parents a baby. She grew up in a science lab, and was taken with the pirates to search the ocean floor. After a few incidents, Ultra proves herself a true, worthy companion, and Flipper gladly takes her into the group. Later in the series, Ultra finds her parents, along with a little sister, Delta.

List of episodes[edit]

Season 1[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
1 The Lost City Lopaka's presence in the sea brings him on trial before Dexter but Lopaka and Flipper rescue everyone from Fishing Ship Drift Net.
2 The Secrets of Quetzo Dexter plots to take over both the undersea city and Illoka while Lopaka is tasked to take a sacred stone to the Quetzo temple.
3 The Volcano Dexter is attracting nasty folk into Quetzo and is about to activate the Illoka volcano.
4 The White Whale Flipper meets a white whale and her calf who are hiding from an exploration ship. Flipper saves the whales, who then save the exploration scientist.
5 Lopaka's Gift While Lopaka is looking for a gift for Nola's birthday, he goes with Flipper to liberate pearls that Dexter stole.
6 The Showdown The killer whale Orci returns to Quetzo to settle a score with Flipper, but the dolphin is able to negotiate a peace with him.
7 The Good Shark Some sawtooth sharks and their big partner Fang invade Quetzo, until Flipper convinces Fang, his partners are not his friends.
8 The Sea Serpent Dexter's garbage causes pain to a giant serpent. Lopaka is able to help the serpent and his overcome his fear of serpents as well.
9 The Drought Dexter plans to freeze Illoka with an iceberg, but instead it saves the island from drought.
10 Lights, Camera, Dexter! Dexter takes the opportunity to star in movie by kidnapping the director, but Lopaka and Flipper come to his rescue.
11 King for a Minute Dexter's crown switcheroo causes the Illoka Chief to lose his title and put the village at stake, but Flipper and Lopaka restore the Chief's place.
12 The Castaway Presumbaly the Chief's lost brother Bunty has returned, but it turns out to be Bunty's pet parrot. However Bunty is around on another island.
13 The Little Blue Fish A fish called Jojo feels out of his depth, but he proves his worth as Dexter's saviour.
14 The Oil Spill Oil pollution is affecting the people of Illoka. Help from the manatee Charlie reveals it's just one leaky barrel.
15 The Circus Inspired by the Illokans' new year circus, Dexter starts his own, leaving Lopaka and Flipper to recover from him the Illoka equipment he stole.
16 The Sting of the Stonefish Some stonefish are ostracised in Quetzo and one of them accidentally poisons Nola. Lopaka provides the cure and the stonefish earn their place.
17 The Secret Weapon Dexter steals from Callabash a book and uses it secrets to build a cannon and Lopaka manages to prevent Dexter from using it.
18 Dexter's Wedding
19 High Tide
20 Dexter's Delinquents
21 Girl Power
22 Bolo the Runaway
23 Surf's Up!
24 The Trap
25 The Monster from Quetzo
26 The Homecoming

Season 2[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
1 Lost Our Lopaka, Nola and Bolo
2 Nola's Library Card
3 Lopaka's Big Hit
4 To Beat Or Not To Beat
5 Hide And Snake
6 My Music Rules
7 That's A Baby Show!
8 The Dating Agency
9 Bubbles's Old Friend
10 Halloween Heist
11 The Kill (Bury Me)
12 Animal Instinct
13 Collide
14 Our Lips Are Sealed
15 Wake Up
16 Play With Fire
17 Behind These Hazel Eyes
18 Already Gone
19 Need You Now
20 Stereo Love
21 Fallen
22 Us Against The World
23 The Bird and The Worm
24 Brown Paper Bag
25 Understand
26 Head Over Heels


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