Flo (Progressive Insurance)

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Flo from Progressive Insurance.jpg
Flo, as portrayed by actress Stephanie Courtney
First appearance 2008
Created by Arnold Worldwide
Portrayed by Stephanie Courtney
Company Progressive Insurance
Aliases The Progressive Girl
Gender Female
Occupation Insurance salesperson
Nationality American

Flo is a fictional character appearing in more than 100 commercials for Progressive Insurance, beginning in 2008. Portrayed by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, the character has developed a fan base on social networks and has become an iconic advertising mascot.

Broadcast history[edit]

The character debuted in 2008 through television commercials and has since appeared in radio and print advertisements and web banners. "Flo," an upbeat store employee for Progressive Insurance, was created by the Boston-based agency Arnold Worldwide,[1] specifically copywriter John Park and art director Steve Reepmeyer.[2] She is played by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, and the character has a fan base on social networks.[3][4][5]

In 2011, Progressive introduced an Australian counterpart to Flo, named Kitty,[6] played by Australian actress Holly Austin.[7]

As of November 2010, she had appeared in 53 commercials.[dated info][8]


Flo is a cashier and is recognizable by her extreme enthusiasm, name tag, sparkling white no-wrinkles uniform, upbeat personality, heavy makeup, and retro hairstyle. According to Courtney, it takes one hour to prepare Flo's hair and another to apply her make-up.[9] A December 15, 2008 article in Advertising Age described Flo as "a weirdly sincere, post-modern Josephine the Plumber who just really wants to help. She has: the brand is flourishing."[10] This was later echoed in an article from Duane Dudek in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on May 20, 2014, who credits Flo for inspiring a new trend of female commercial pitch people and cementing her legacy alongside Josephine and Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent's Madge the Manicurist.[11]


In October 2009, the Boston Herald referred to Flo as "the commercial break's new sweetheart" and said Courtney was "attaining TV ad icon status". The same article also reported that she was the subject of a popular Halloween costume. At that time, a Facebook page called "Flo, the Progressive Girl" had garnered a little over one million fans. As of January 18, 2015, the Facebook page has more than 5.43 million likes. There are multiple websites dedicated to her, and she is popular on Twitter and various internet forums.[12]

Flo was added as a downloadable character in the video game ModNation Racers in late 2010, complete with her own Progressive kart.[13][14]

Flo as a character or advertising icon may have passed her peak, as the previous like numbers have dropped to less than 5 million likes as of March 22, 2015, and there is at least one "I hate Flo" page.

Fan interest notwithstanding, Courtney's opinion is that the GEICO gecko "puts out more sexual vibes than Flo does".[15]


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