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Flo Ankah
FrenchActress Flo-Ankah.jpg
Starring in Loving the Silent Tears, sold-out musical at Shrine Auditorium, LA - Oct 2012
Born Florence Annequin
Bourgoin-Jallieu, France
Occupation Actress, Singer, Filmmaker

Flo Ankah (born Florence Annequin) is an actress[1] and filmmaker. She is also known as a chanteuse[2] under the mononym Floanne. She was born and raised in France, and has lived in New York City since 2000. Ankah is the founder of Simple Production,[3] an organization committed to the development of new interdisciplinary works that integrate the talent of innovative and "sparkling" artists from various cultures.



Flo Ankah[4] has appeared in film (Then She Found Me),[5] on television (One Life to Live),[6] in the theater (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Julius Caesar[7]) including at The Public Theater,[8] and has read alongside theater personalities such as Israel Horowitz. Floanne has worked as a voice artist for major feature films (The Limits of Control, What Just Happened[9]) and voice-overs for national television commercials.[10] The webisode Life with Flow[11] features her work in several collaborative short films. She is involved at the Magnet Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.


Floanne is a French chanteuse and songstress.[12] Her repertoire includes French chanson, American classics and her own songs.[13] She has been performing her solo nightclub performances, Floin' to America[14] and Edith Piaf Alive with directors Isengart[15] and Lina Koutrakos at nightclubs such as Joe's Pub, The Metropolitan Room, The Triad Theater, The Harmonie Club, Symphony Space and The New York Botanical Garden. Her interpretation of "Michelle" from The Beatles is the 75th release of The Beatles Complete on Ukulele.[16] She stars in the Broadway-style musical Loving the Silent Tears, directed by Vincent Paterson, alongside Jody Watley, Jon Secada, Liz Callaway, Debbie Gravitte, Kiril Kulish, Mark Janicello and Patti Cohenour. Floanne trains her voice as a coloratura soprano with April Evans.


Ankah's choreography is drawn from her yoga practice, and integrates movement with the human voice as an instrument.[3] Her creations are collaborative and often include video projections and soundscapes. She has been shown at Movement Research at the Judson Church, the Merce Cunningham Studio, Abrons Arts Center, Dance New Amsterdam and HERE Arts Center, and has performed for artists such as Mina Nishimura,[17][18] Nina Morrison,[19] Meredith Monk (at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum[20]), John Duncan, Michou Szabo and Noémie Lafrance (at the McCarren Park Pool).[21]


Ankah fuses the mediums of dance/performance art and film, creating experimental films.[22] ONE WAY,[23][24] awarded Best Experimental Film at the 5th Big Apple Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York City in 2008,[25] and Waterfront Access?,[26] awarded the 2010 Golden Reel Award for Best Dance Film at the Tiburon International Film Festival,[27] were the result of a collaboration with artist Joe Zolkowski. She is currently developing a feature documentary in French, Le Maréchal et l'Astragale about her father's farm in South-East France, sharing the flavor of a lifestyle that may soon vanish.[28] Ankah writes about experimental short films on thelittlemovie.com.[29]

Stage credits[edit]

Year Title Role Theatre Note
Edith Piaf Alive
Edith Piaf
Joe's Pub, NYC
Recurring Off-Broadway engagement
Love is French
One-Person Show
Symphony Space, NYC Valentine's Day
Loving the Silent Tears

(first principal singer)

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles Broadway-scale musical
Water Lily Concert
Solo performance
New York Botanical Garden
Monet Evenings (sold out)

Biographical background[edit]

Raised in Châbons, France, Ankah comes from a farm and has two siblings.[30] She graduated from the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for improvisation comedy. She also trained in acting at the HB Studio and the School for Film and Television, at the Alvin Ailey school for dance, yin yoga and in opera as a soprano. Upon arrival in New York City, she worked as an assitsant to photographer-filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg, singer/songwriter Frank Simms, sculptor Strong-Cuevas,[31] and author Frances Kazan, to organize the archive of late husband Elia Kazan.


Ankah winning Best experimental film at the Tribeca Cinemas, 2008

One-Person Show[32]

  • Floin' to America - (2011) 1.5 hour, cabaret performance of French and American tunes[33]
  • Edith Piaf Alive - (2012) 1 hour, a musical play: modern twist to vintage tunes.[34]

Experimental film[22]

  • Imprints - (2007) 4 minutes
  • ONE WAY - (2008) 10 minutes [35] Winner, Best Experimental film - 5th Big Apple Film Festival.[23]
  • Kirk Light - (2009) 4 minutes[36]
  • Waterfront Access? - (2009) 10 minutes [26] Winner, Golden Reel Award for Best Dance Film - Tiburon International Film Festival.[27]
  • Boudoir Chit-Chat - (2013) 14 minutes

Choreography work[37]

  • Rambling Thoughts - (2004) 5 minutes, video projection with soundscape, spoken word, 1 dancer
  • Vibraform - (2005) 10 minutes, soundscape, five dancers using voice
  • echO - (2006) 15 minutes, video projection, two dancers using voice[38]
  • Conversation - (2007) 10 minutes, video projection, soundscape, three dancers using voice
  • WEEP - (2009) 15 minutes, three dancers, one digeridoo[39]

Photographic exhibition[40]

  • Regards Croisés (1998)
  • Le Quotidien Des Rails (1999)
  • Where Are You Going? (2005)


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