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Floorball is a sport which is gaining popularity in India. The Floorball Federation of India was started in 2001. But Due Lack of Team work they were not able to give floorball a push even after 10 years.So "International Floorball Federation". International Floorball Federation decided to dismiss it and formed a new federation '"Indian Floorball Federation". ' in 2012.Now "Floorball in India".  is gaining Popularity day-by-day. There has been national Floorball championships held and the top most dominating Teams are "Delhi". and Uttrakhand. Currently India is a provisional member of the International Floorball Federation.India has participated in many international friendlies and steps are being taken to make India an Ordinary member.There are a few Private Academies putting efforts in the promotion of Floorball and one of the most popular among them is "Floorball Strikers".  working in association with 'Indian Floorball Federation' to promote Floorball in all over India. Even the Young talents are making there videos and inspiring others to Opt for Floorball. [1]

Floorball Clubs[edit]

  • "Floorball Strikers"
  • "Floorball Smashers"
  • "Quick Silver FC"

Best Teams[edit]

Best Players[edit]

  • Male -

-"Mrinal Naugain".  -"Kapil Negi". 

  • Female -

"Sangeeta Rathi".  "Reena Singh".