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Irvin Kahn & Son, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Flooring retailer
Founded 1921 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Headquarters 6555 Guion Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
Key people Dan Kahn, Owner
Marshall Kahn, Owner

Waterproof Flooring
Laminate flooring
Wood flooring
Bamboo floor

homepage = https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/
Employees 21

Established in 1921 as Irvin Kahn & son, Inc., a Wholesale flooring Distribution (business), Floors To Your Home is a family owned and operated business which sells flooring online to customers in the continental United States. Though they have a storefront location in Indianapolis, Indiana, they primarily ship pallets of flooring directly to their customers' homes.


The company dates back to 1921 when Irvin Kahn founded it in Louisville, Kentucky. Irvin's son, Norman W. Kahn, was a graduate of DuPont Manual High School, and Western Kentucky University. He also served as lieutenant in the US Navy during World War II. He served over 4 years in the Navy, most of which was aboard an L.S.T. (Landing Ship Tank) in the South and Central Pacific Pacific Ocean theater of World War II, and was in five major invasions. After he returned home from the service in 1943 he joined the business. Irvin then named the company Irvin Kahn & Son, Inc. This would be its operating name until 2011, and remains the name of the parent company.

In 1971 Norman's son, Marshall, joined the business. His continuous participating in the local NACM affiliate began in 1973 and continues to the present. He served as Chairman of the Board of the South Central NACM in 1998 and 2003,[1][2][3] and as National Chairman iN 2012.[4][5] He is also on the board of the Finance, Credit & International Business Association.[6] He personally oversees all of the company's payment, Billing and credit procedures.

By the 70's and 80's the Irvin Kahn & Son company had become primarily a distributor to retailers of flooring material from major companies such as Formica and Mannington.[7][8][9][10][11] In 1989, the brothers opened a branch in Indianapolis, Indiana. They built a warehouse which was eventually expanded to 80,000 sqft.[12][13]

In 2002, they bought a new retail location, which remains their sole Brick and mortar location, Mr. Wise Buys.[14][15] In 2003 Dan Kahn developed a basic website, offering his Supreme Click and Kingsmill Private label flooring to customers across the country.[16][17][18]

On August 23, 2004, at the age of 85 Norman Kahn died at Four Courts Seniors centre,[19] leaving Marshall and Dan co-owners and presidents of the company, each helming one of its two locations. The business existed in three forms, a wholesale distributorship,[20][21][22] a single retail location, and a fledgling, but growing, Internet business.

The store and the internet eventually became successful enough to carry the company through the loss of its distribution arm. On average, two million square feet of flooring is kept in stock at any time, and as of 2012 the business has expanded to begin shipping to Canada.


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