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Flop may refer to:


  • Flop, a box office bomb in the entertainment world
  • Flop, as verb or noun, referring to flophouse, cheap rooms in a transients' hotel
  • Flop (poker), a poker term describing the first three cards dealt to the board
  • Flip-flop (electronics), the bistable multivibrator, a circuit with two stable states
  • Flopped image, a type of mirror image in photography, graphic design and printing
  • Flop (algebraic geometry), a birational transformation
  • Flop, as verb or noun, referring to people who don't succeed in their show business career.



  • Flop (band), a defunct 1990s era pop-punk group from Seattle, Washington
  • Flop!, an industrial and synthpop album by the band And One


  • FLOPS, an abbreviation for the computing term floating point operations per second

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