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Florence Avenue is a west-east street in Los Angeles County that starts off as Mills Road at Janine Drive in Whittier. At Telegraph Road, it changes to Florence. West of La Cienega Boulevard, it swerves into Aviation Boulevard, which is a north-south street, in Inglewood.

The oldest operating McDonald's is on Florence and Lakewood, in Downey, California

Florence Avenue runs through the cities of Inglewood, Los Angeles, Huntington Park (where it intersects Pacific Boulevard), Bell, Bell Gardens, Downey, and unincorporated Los Angeles County bordering the City of Whittier. It is not known exactly how Florence Avenue got its name.

The intersection of Florence and Normandie was made famous during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles when several men pulled Reginald Denny from his truck and beat him in the intersection. Segments of the avenue traverse some of the rougher neighborhoods of south Los Angeles County, however on the eastern end it goes through more of the quiet residential areas. Despite that, there are dozens of retail outlets and restaurants especially in the city of Huntington Park at the intersection of Pacific Boulevard and Florence Avenue.

Florence Avenue also crosses intersection with Interstate 110, Interstate 710, Interstate 605 and Interstate 5.

Metro Local lines 40, 111, 120, and 311, in addition to Metro Rapid line 740, run through Florence Avenue; Lines 111 and 311 run through most of Florence starting at Studebaker Road, Lines 40 and 740 run through Florence in Inglewood only and Line 120 east of Studebaker Road. The Metro Blue Line operates a station at Graham Avenue in the unincorporated district of Florence.