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Peters World Map
  Florence Meridian
Hexadecimal clockface with Florence centered world map

The Meridian 11°15 East was proposed as prime meridian by Arno Peters in the Peters World Map. The Meridian is the antipode of 168°45' West of Greenwich which runs through the Bering Strait and was proposed as a new date line. On Peters World Map the easternmost part of Asia and Russia is not displayed left of Alaska, as it is usually done, but on the right side as the rest of Russia and Asia.

The meridian, 11° 15' East of Greenwich traverses the city center of Florence in Italy and therefore is also known as Florence Meridian.

It passes through:

Country City, Country subdivision or other locality
Equatorial Guinea The eastern border of the country is defined as the Meridian 12° East. The Meridian 11°15 East runs through:
Gabon The intersection with the equator is located in Abanga-Bigne Department of Moyen-Ogooué Province 0°0′N 11°15′E / 0.000°N 11.250°E / 0.000; 11.250. This is near Ndjolé.
Republic of the Congo Near Tchimba Lake in Conkouati Reserve, Madingo-Kayes District
50 km West of the mouth of the Cunene River which marks the Angolan-Namibian border 17°15′S 11°15′E / 17.250°S 11.250°E / -17.250; 11.250

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