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Florence Moon, Irish Suffragist, fl. 1914.

Florence Moon was the honorary-secretary of the Connaught Women's Franchise League. The wife of Charles Moon, owner of a prestigious Galway drapery store, she was made away by her mother - a native of Birmingham - of the suffrage movement. She was an active member of the Women's National Health Association. In 1914 she was part of a C.W.F.L. deputation which met Stephen Gwynn, M.P., in order to obtain his support for women teachers.

With the outbreak of the First World War, Moon and many other Galway suffrgtists who became involved in efforts concerning the war, such as fund-raising and provisions.

Upon gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1922, the Irish Free State enfranchised women over the age of twenty-one, the United Kingdom following its lead in 1928.

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