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The Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta (FAMAT) is an official chapter of National Mu Alpha Theta.[1] It organizes competitions in Florida which include three yearly Statewide Competitions, 15 Regionals, a State Convention, and various other mail-in competitions.[2]

Competition levels[edit]

Competition is divided into six levels or divisions, Calculus, Pre-calculus, Algebra II, Geometry, Algebra I, and Statistics. At state convention, only three levels are used: Theta (Geometry and Algebra II), Alpha (Pre-Calculus), and Calculus. Open level tests, which can be taken by students from any division, are also offered at the state convention and include tests such as Statistics, Number Theory, and History of Math. Students are allowed to test up (or compete at a Division higher than their own), however they cannot test down. Statistics allow a calculator, up to a standard TI-84 Silver; however, no other division allows a calculator. Statistics eligibility is limited to only one year, starting from 2007.[3]



FAMAT divides Florida into five regions. Every year in January, February, and March, one school from each Region hosts a competition. Between 20 to 30 schools attend each Regional and compete in Team and Individual. Tests for Regionals are written by FAMAT.


Every year in January, February, and March, one school will also host a Statewide Competition, attracting schools from all over Florida. One team per school per division is normally allowed. The team questions can either be in the format of one part of the question, or the new format of four parts to each question that can be turned in separately. The hosting school of the Statewide is responsible for writing and editing all tests.

Mail-in competitions[edit]

FAMAT organizes an Interschool Test every year that is released in November. All members of a school: students, teachers, or alumni work on the test for a week before it is sent in.

The Helen Dostal and Barbara Nunn Mail-In Test is given every December as an introduction to the Competition Season.[4] The Nunn is given to students taking Algebra II or below. The Dostal is given to Students taking Precalculus and above. However, material on the Dostal is limited to Precalculus and below.

A new edition is the Susan Hiller mail-in test, which will be given to Algebra I students.


Students have the option to participate in the active Student Delegate Association. They meet at every Statewide to discuss possible changes and current events to recommend to the FAMAT Executive Board. Recently they have begun a sheet containing frequently disputed items to assist Dispute Centers as well as Test Writers.[5]

Examples of disputed items include:

  1. Is the function f(x)=x^3 increasing in its entire interval? Yes, because for every x value a and b such that b>a, then f(b)>f(a).
  2. What is the correlation if the coefficient of determination is .64? Answer choices .8 or -.8 would be incorrect here. The correct answer is that the correlation cannot be determined.
  3. If there are 12 flips of a coin, what does it mean to get ten heads? The question refers to getting ten heads exactly, and not at least ten heads.