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Florida Avenue is a major street in Washington, D.C. It was originally named Boundary Street, because it formed the northern boundary of Pierre L'Enfant's original plan for the Federal City. In 1890, since the city had grown beyond the borders of the original plan, Boundary Street was renamed.

L'Enfant plan

The western terminus of Florida Avenue is at Massachusetts Avenue, 22nd Street, and Q Street NW. From that terminus to 9th Street NW, Florida Avenue follows a winding path due to the city's topography. From 9th Street NW, Florida Avenue follows a straight line to its eastern terminus at H Street NE near the intersection of 15th Street, H Street, Maryland Avenue, Benning Road, and Bladensburg Road.

Florida Avenue passes along the foot of the hilly terrain of Northwest Washington, D.C., marking the transition between the Appalachian Piedmont region north of the avenue, and the flat Coastal Plain terrain of the city's downtown area to the south.

Coordinates: 38°54′59.6″N 77°1′21.2″W / 38.916556°N 77.022556°W / 38.916556; -77.022556