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For the middle and late 20th century NWA-affiliated promotion, see Championship Wrestling from Florida. For this promotion's eponymous television program, see FCW (TV series).
Florida Championship Wrestling
Acronym FCW
Founded June 26, 2007
Defunct August 14, 2012
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters Tampa, Florida
Founder(s) Steve Keirn, WWE
Owner(s) Steve Keirn
Parent WWE
Website http://fcwwrestling.com (inactive)

Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) was a professional wrestling promotion based on the former independent Championship Wrestling from Florida promotion, which operated from 1961 until 1987.[1] From 2007 to 2012, the promotion served as the official developmental territory for WWE.[2][3][4] In August 2012, WWE re-branded Florida Championship Wrestling into NXT for their developmental territory, with storylines and championships being discontinued.[5]


The promotion was started by Steve Keirn in 2007[6] and became WWE's second developmental territory when they ended their relationship with the Georgia-based Deep South Wrestling in April 2007.[7] It became their sole developmental territory in early 2008 when they ceased affiliation with Ohio Valley Wrestling.[4]

FCW's first logo (2007–2008)

FCW's debut show was on June 26, 2007 at Tampa, Florida's Dallas Bull. A 21 man Battle Royal was held during the show, to crown the first ever FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion.[8] The next year the Florida Heavyweight Championship was introduced,[9] with Jake Hager becoming the first champion at a February 15 show after surviving a Battle Royal and defeating Ted DiBiase, Jr..[10] The Florida Tag Team Championship was also introduced in February, with the Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eddie Colón and Eric Pérez) beating Steven Lewington and Heath Miller to win it in the finals of a one night tournament.[11] The singles titles were later unified, keeping the "Florida Heavyweight" name and championship.[12]

FCW's second logo (2008–2012)

On July 7, 2008, WWE confirmed that FCW was based on the original independent Championship Wrestling from Florida promotion, which operated from 1961 until 1987.[1] The program's ending consisted of various clips from the ending of CWF's programs, featuring Gordon Solie's classic sign-off line "So long from the Sunshine State", accompanied by Solie winking one of his eyes and waving two fingers upward. in February 2010, it was announced that FCW was acquired by WWE NXT for $5.8 millon including some wrestlers from the FCW roster with Their Developmental Contracts to sign with NXT including Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield, Daniel Bryan Michael Tarver and other superstars which is reason why that FCW became the Developmental subsidiary of WWE NXT brand until 2012.

Since they started doing Acquisition's from 2010 through 2012. WWE had been using the NXT name for a television program and acquisition's featuring rookies Acquired from FCW roster competing to become WWE main roster wrestlers, though the "reality television" aspects of the show had been dropped earlier right away Before the promotion along with the NXT's name later became a Developmental territory in June 2012. On March 20, 2012, it was reported that WWE would cease operation at Florida Championship Wrestling, however this statement was later refuted after Steve Keirn as well as WWE wrestler and Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, Triple H, denied the claim therefore FCW would still continue any live event tapings until June 2012 when it was announced again but this time most all of their assets which includes many superstars who originally competed from the entire FCW developmental roster the whole office and entire stuff including all from the FCW arena at the time were again acquired by WWE NXT for more than $30 million which would eventually leading the companies granted an another acquisition and which would later start a merger between both FCW and NXT. since after the company rebranding between both companies WWE NXT now serves as the primary television program for the NXT Wrestling promotion. [13]

In August 2012, WWE dropped the FCW name, deactivated the titles, and began running all of its developmental events and operations under the "NXT Wrestling" banner. FCW finally close their offices in Tampa, Florida with WWE transferring the NXT's headquartes and all of their arena's to its new home WWE Performance Center the new facility.[5]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

Queen of FCW[edit]

Main article: Queen of FCW

The Queen of FCW title was a professional wrestling women's title contested for in the divas division of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). A crown was held by the title holder, rather than a championship belt that is primarily used in professional wrestling.

Florida Heavyweight Championship[edit]

The Florida Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling heavyweight championship contested for in their heavyweight division of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). It has since been retired in favor for the NXT Championship.

Florida Tag Team Championship[edit]

The Florida Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling tag team championship contested for in the tag team division of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). It has since been retired.

FCW Divas Championship[edit]

The FCW Divas Championship was a professional wrestling women's championship contested for in the divas division of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). It has since been retired.

FCW 15 Championship[edit]

FCW 15 Championship
Date established January 13, 2011
Date retired August 14, 2012
Promotion Florida Championship Wrestling

The FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship was a professional wrestling championship contested in 15 minute ironman matches. A medal was held by the title holder, rather than a championship belt that is primarily used in professional wrestling. It has since been retired.

No. Champion Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Seth Rollins 1 January 13, 2011 252 Tampa, Florida FCW TV Tapings Defeated Hunico in the finals of the 'FCW 15' Jack Brisco Classic Tournament. [14]
2 Damien Sandow 1 September 22, 2011 113 Tampa, Florida FCW TV Tapings [15]
3 Richie Steamboat 1 January 13, 2012 160 Tampa, Florida FCW TV Tapings Richie Steamboat defeated Damien Sandow, winning the bout 2 falls to 1.
4 Brad Maddox 1 June 21, 2012 54 Tampa, Florida Live event [16]
Deactivated August 14, 2012 Retired immediately when Florida Championship Wrestling was disbanded.

FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship[edit]

FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship
Date established June 26, 2007
Date retired March 22, 2008
Promotion Florida Championship Wrestling

The FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling heavyweight championship contested for in the heavyweight division of Florida Championship Wrestling. It has since been retired after being unified with the Florida Heavyweight Championship.

No. Champion Reigns Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Harry Smith 1 June 26, 2007 112 Tampa, Florida Live event Won a 21-man battle royal to become the inaugural champion. [17]
2 Afa Jr. 1 October 16, 2007 46 New Port Richey, FL Live event Declared winner when Smith could not make referee's ten count. [17]
3 TJ Wilson 1 December 1, 2007 17 New Port Richey, FL Live event This was a ladder match. [17]
4 Ted DiBiase Jr. 1 December 18, 2007 32 New Port Richey, FL Live event [17]
5 Heath Miller 1 January 19, 2008 63 New Port Richey, FL Live event Awarded title when partner Ted DiBiase, Jr. was unable to defend it due to injury. [18]
6 Jake Hager 1 March 22, 2008 0 New Port Richey, FL Live event Florida Heavyweight Champion Jack Hager defeated Heath Miller in a unification match to unify the two championships. [19]
Deactivated March 22, 2008 New Port Richey, FL Live event Retired immediately after being unified with Florida Heavyweight Championship. [19]

FCW alumni[edit]

The following is a list of FCW alumni.

Ring name Real name
AJ Lee Brooks, AprilApril Brooks[20]
Aksana Raudonienė, ŽivilėŽivilė Raudonienė[21]
Alberto Del Rio Rodríguez, AlbertoAlberto Rodríguez[22]
Alex Riley Kiley Jr., KevinKevin Kiley Jr.[23]
Alexander Rusev Barnyashev, MiroslavMiroslav Barnyashev
Alicia Fox Crawford, VictoriaVictoria Crawford[24]
Antonio Cesaro Castagnoli, ClaudioClaudio Castagnoli[25]
Brad Maddox Klutzz, TylerTyler Klutzz[26]
Brie Bella Danielson, Brianna Brianna Danielson[27]
Brodus Clay Murdoch, GeorgeGeorge Murdoch[28]
Big E Ewen, EttoreEttore Ewen[29]
Camacho Fifita, TevitaTevita Fifita[30]
Cameron Andrew, ArianeAriane Andrew[31]
Curt Hawkins Myers, BrianBrian Myers[32]
Curtis Axel Hennig, JosephJoseph Hennig[33]
Damien Sandow Haddad, AaronAaron Haddad[34]
Daniel Bryan Danielson, BryanBryan Danielson[35]
Darren Young Rosser III, FrederickFrederick Rosser III[36]
David Otunga Otunga Sr., DavidDavid Otunga Sr.[37]
Dean Ambrose Good, JonathanJonathan Good[38]
Dolph Ziggler Nemeth, NicholasNicholas Nemeth[39]
Drew McIntyre Galloway, AndrewAndrew Galloway[40]
Epico Colón, OrlandoOrlando Colón[41]
Evan Bourne Korklan, MatthewMatthew Korklan[42]
Ezekiel Jackson Stephens, RycklonRycklon Stephens[43]
Fandango Hussey, CurtisCurtis Hussey[44]
Heath Slater Miller, HeathHeath Miller[45]
Hunico Arias, JorgeJorge Arias[46]
Jack Swagger Hager, DonaldDonald Hager[47]
Jey Uso Fatu, JoshuaJoshua Fatu[48]
Jimmy Uso Fatu, JonathanJonathan Fatu[49]
Jinder Mahal Dhesi, YuvrajYuvraj Dhesi[50]
Justin Gabriel Lloyd Jr., PaulPaul Lloyd Jr.[51]
Kaitlyn Bonin, CelesteCeleste Bonin[52]
Kofi Kingston Sarkodie-Mensah, KofiKofi Sarkodie-Mensah[53]
Naomi Fatu, TrinityTrinity Fatu[54]
Natalya Neidhart, NatalieNatalie Neidhart[55]
Nikki Bella Garcia-Colace, NicoleNicole Garcia-Colace[56]
Paige Jade-Bevis, SarayaSaraya Jade-Bevis[57]
Primo Colón, EdwinEdwin Colón[58]
Ricardo Rodriguez Rodríguez, JesúsJesús Rodríguez[59]
Rosa Mendes Roucka, MilenaMilena Roucka[60]
Ryback Reeves, RyanRyan Reeves[61]
Seth Rollins Lopez, ColbyColby Lopez[62]
Sheamus Farrelly, StephenStephen Farrelly[63]
Tamina Snuka Reiher, SaronaSarona Reiher[64]
Ted DiBiase Theodore DiBiase Jr., Theodore DiBiase Jr.[65]
Titus O'Neil Bullard Sr., ThaddeusThaddeus Bullard Sr.[66]
Tyler Reks Tuft, GabrielGabriel Tuft[67]
Tyson Kidd Wilson, TheodoreTheodore Wilson[68]
Wade Barrett Bennett, StuartStuart Bennett[69]
Yoshi Tatsu Yamamoto, NaofumiNaofumi Yamamoto[70]

See also[edit]

  • WWE, parent company
  • WWE NXT, the developmental promotion that replaced Florida Championship Wrestling; now currently a developmental branch within WWE called NXT.


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