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The Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra is one of the nation's notable youth orchestras, serving the Central Florida region for many years. The organization is currently celebrating its 58th season.

The Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra

The FSYO was founded by Alphonse Carlo, concertmaster emeritus of the Florida Symphony Orchestra. Driven by a compassion to give students a chance to play in an advanced orchestra, he founded the FSYO in 1957.

The FSYO fosters music education through four main branch orchestras.

  • The "Overture Strings" is for introductory or younger students of string instruments.
  • It has a branch for young students called the "Prelude".
  • The "Philharmonia", made up of late middle-schoolers to high-school aged participants.
  • The "Symphonic," Its last main branch, usually consists of the most advanced high-school, though this is not always the case. The FSYO also has a flute choir, a cello choir, and several chamber musicprograms. These additional groups have varying levels of participation in FSYO Events, and often play for community service events around the Orlando area.

The FSYO was proud to be one of six youth orchestras recently selected to the 2002 National Youth Orchestra Festival in Sarasota, Florida. In addition, the FSYO recently travelled to Washington, D.C. and performed with the principal horn of the National Symphony Orchestra. In the past, the FSYO has performed at Carnegie Hall (1989), Boston Symphony Hall (1991), Switzerland (1993), Spain (1993), Australia (1997), Sydney Opera House (1997),and Germany (1999). The FSYO placed 2nd in the 28th International Youth and Music Festival in Vienna in 1999.

In the past, the FSYO has toured extensively through Europe, including at Britain, Austria, and France. The FSYO is a member of the American Symphony League and is a nonprofit organization.

The FSYO is currently under the direction of music director Andrew Lane.

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