Florida gubernatorial election, 1998

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Florida gubernatorial election, 1998
1994 ←
November 3, 1998
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  Gov Jeb Bush'shead.jpg 49 Mackay.jpg
Nominee Jeb Bush Buddy MacKay
Party Republican Democratic
Running mate Frank Brogan Rick Dantzler
Popular vote 2,191,105 1,773,054
Percentage 55.27% 44.72%


County Results

Governor before election

Lawton Chiles

Elected Governor

Jeb Bush

The 1998 Florida Gubernatorial Election was held on November 3, 1998. Governor Lawton Chiles was term-limited and could not run for re-election. Republican Jeb Bush, who had previously run for Governor in 1994 as the Republican nominee, defeated Democratic nominee Buddy MacKay in the general election. On December 12, 1998, incumbent Governor Lawton Chiles died,[1] making Lieutenant Governor MacKay the 42nd Governor of Florida, ironically thrusting him into the office which he had just lost an election for.




  • Jeb Bush, 1994 Republican nominee for Governor

Primary results[edit]

Democratic primary[edit]

Democratic primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Buddy MacKay 1,244,044 100.0%

Republican primary[edit]

Republican primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jeb Bush 998,566 100.0%


Florida gubernatorial election, 1998[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Jeb Bush 2,191,105 55.27% +4.52%
Democratic Buddy MacKay 1,773,054 44.72% -4.51%
Write-ins 282 0.01%
Majority 418,051 10.55% +9.03%
Turnout 3,964,441
Republican gain from Democratic Swing