Flottille 17F

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Flottille 17F is a French navy air squadron created in avril 1958. The flottille 17F is still active and is equipped with a score Dassault Super-Etendard Modernisé. Its main missions are ground attack as well as air combat. Flottille 17F is nicknamed "La glorieuse". The symbol of the 17F flottilla is the osprey. The flottilla is based in Landivisiau, in Brittany (France).

The Super Etendard aircraft composing the Flottille 17F regularly embark aboard the French nuclear aircraft-carrier Charles de Gaulle.

Insigne 17F.jpg

The flottille 17F was involved in many modern conflicts such as ex-Yugoslavia, Afghanistan (operation Heracles, operation Agapanthe, operation Anaconda), and Libya (operation Harmattan).

The flottilla 17F is the last French unit using the Super Etendard Modernisé aircraft.