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Flour City Ornamental Iron Works Company was an early pioneer in the manufacturing of architectural wrought and cast iron building components.

Historical significance[edit]

Flour City Ornamental Iron Works Company was founded by Eugene Tetzlaff in 1893 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was originally a blacksmith shop, but later became a manufacturer of wrought and cast iron. During World War II, Flour City produced aluminum bridge pontoons and aircraft parts. In 1945, Henry J. Neils, first president of the Flour City Ornamental Iron Works Company, began production of aluminum boats. The first aluminum boat produced by Flour City subsidiary, Alumacraft, came off the production line in 1946. Hupp Corporation bought Alumacraft from Flour City in 1960.

Later History[edit]

Flour City Ornamental Iron Works, later known as Flour City Architectural Metal Works, continued its production of ornamental and architectural metal products. In the early 1990s, Flour City became a part of Flour City International, Inc., and its headquarters moved from Minnesota to Tennessee.

List of Buildings with Flour City Ornamental Iron[edit]

  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL
  • Nissen Building, Winston-Salem, NC
  • The Palmer House Hotel, Chicago, IL
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs Building, Washington, DC


Architectural Metal Work for Modern Buildings. Minneapolis Minnesota. 1922. 

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