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Lago Basso del Flumendosa.jpg
Lake of Basso Flumendosa
Origin Monte Armidda (Gennargentu massif)
Mouth Tyrrhenian Sea near Muravera and Villaputzu
Basin countries Italy
Length 127 km
Source elevation 1,270
Mouth elevation 0 m
Basin area 1,775 km

The Flumendosa is a river of southern Sardinia, Italy. With a length of 127 km (79 mi), it is the second river of the island behind the Tirso.

The Flumendosa's springs are located in the Gennargentu massif, at the feet of the Monte Armidda; it flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea in the area of the towns of Muravera and Villaputzu. It drains a basin of c. 1,775 km². Before the construction of two large dams, it had a discharge of 22 m³/s.

Coordinates: 39°26′N 9°37′E / 39.433°N 9.617°E / 39.433; 9.617