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FlyNet is an onboard communication service for Lufthansa.


Delivered using the Connexion by Boeing (CBB) system from its first demonstration flight in 2003[1] until Connexion by Boeing's discontinuation in 2006,[2] the service utilized Ku band radio to provide passengers with onboard Internet access, which they could connect to via Wi-Fi.

Lufthansa plans to relaunch FlyNet in the second half of 2010 in partnership with Panasonic Avionics Corporation. The new system will also use Ku band radio, providing satellite Internet access over Wi-Fi through Panasonic's eXConnect system, as well as text messaging and other data services for GSM/GPRS cellular devices[3] through Panasonic's AeroMobile-based eXPhone system.[4]

For the FlyNet relaunch in 2010, Internet service will initially be available on Lufthansa aircraft already fitted with hardware from the Connexion by Boeing system; FlyNet capability is expected for Lufthansa's full long-haul fleet by the end of 2011.[5] The service, stated to focus on high bandwidth,[2] is claimed to provide faster connectivity than its rivals, and is expected to be priced below service under Connexion by Boeing.[6] Currently, FlyNet is not available on all flights of Airbus A380 and is not expected to be offered for this aircraft.[7]

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