Flying Virus

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Flying Virus
Directed by Jeff Hare
Written by Jeff Hare
Starring Gabrielle Anwar
Rutger Hauer
David Naughton
Craig Sheffer
Release date(s) December 31, 2001
Running time 95 mins
Country  United States
Brazil Brazil
Language English

Flying Virus (also titled Killer Buzz) is a 2001 American-Brazilian horror film written and directed by Jeff Hare, which starred Gabrielle Anwar and Rutger Hauer. Anwar plays a journalist who uncovers a government conspiracy to release virus-carrying killer bees.


After a series of Amazonian Indian attacks on US owned petroleum installation in Brazil, both governments start a secret 'special program'. In fact colonel Ezekial's men use GM killer bees to eradicate the tribes. During an Indian attack, reporter Ann Bauer is stung, yet survives after a mysterious rescue. Dr. Stephen North realizes the venom has priceless healing powers and smuggles the bee aboard a flight to New York. Bauer, her nearly-divorced husband, Martin, who is aboard and her friend, US State Department project representative, Scotty, face potential mass-killing after turbulence releases the bees aboard.[1]

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