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Foch may refer to:

People with the surname Foch[edit]

  • Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929), Marshal of France and Allied Supreme Commander in World War I
  • Nina Foch (1924-2008), Dutch actress

Other uses[edit]

  • French cruiser Foch, a ship (cruiser) of the French Navy, which was launched 1929 and sunk 1942
  • Foch (R 99), a ship (aircraft carrier) of the French Navy, launched 1960 and sold to Brazil 2000
  • Avenue Foch, the widest street in Paris
  • Foch, West Virginia, an unincorporated area in the United States of America
  • Île Foch, an island in the Kerguelen archipelago
  • Foch Line, a proposed line of demarcation between Poland and Lithuania after World War I
  • Marechal Foch, a red wine
  • Mount Foch, a mountain on the Continental Divide in Canada
  • AMX-50 Foch, a long range support variant of the AMX-50 tank