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Focus Group Holdings Limited ("Focus Group"; Chinese: 映藝集團控股有限公司), is a company formed by Andy Lau Tak-Wah, a popular Hong Kong actor and singer. It is managed by a professional and experienced team. Focus Group is essentially engaged in the films business and artiste management business.

The company was originally named Teamwork Motion Pictures Ltd. (Chinese: 天幕製作有限公司). Because of disagreement and subsequent legal proceedings between Andy Lau and another joint owner of the company. After the settlement of the disputes, Andy renamed the company to the current name in 2004 in order to give it a fresh start.[1]

The notable films produced by the company when it was named Team Work was the critically acclaimed features Made in Hong Kong in 1997 and The Longest Summer in 1998, both films were directed by Fruit Chan.[2]

Focus Films will be producing a remake of the classic 1967 action film Story of a Discharged Prisoner, (the film which was later remade into John Woo's A Better Tomorrow) at estimated cost is US$5 million. Andy Lau will star in the film which will be directed by Stephen Fung.[3]

In December 2006, executives Daniel Yu and Lorna Tee left their positions at Focus Films.[4]

Scope of Operations[edit]

Focus Group acts as a holding company for a number of companies specializing in different areas. The major companies under the control and ownership of Focus Group are:


The films produced and distributed by the company under the previous name, Teamwork are

The films produced and distributed by the company under Focus Films are


Music Albums[edit]

The music album released under the label, Ever Music are

  • 2004 Coffee or Tea Of Andy Lau
  • 2004 Andy Lau Vision Tour 2004 Of Andy Lau

The music album released under the label, Focus Music are

  • 2006 Voice CD+DVD Limited Birthday Celebration Version 27/09/06 Of Andy Lau
  • 2006 Voice Of Andy Lau
  • 2005 All About Love Of Andy Lau
  • 2005 Best of My Love Of Andy Lau

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