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Real people named Fogg[edit]

  • B.J. Fogg, psychologist, founder of Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University
  • Ed Fogg, investigator of the Dover Demon
  • Eric Fogg, English composer and conductor
  • George G. Fogg, was the US Ambassador and United States Senator from New Hampshire
  • Howard L Fogg, notable artist of railroads subjects and World War II fighter pilot with the 359th Fighter Group
  • John Fogg, mayor of Pensacola, Florida since 1994
  • Josh Fogg, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
  • Kirk Fogg, game show host
  • Martyn J. Fogg, terraforming researcher
  • Mieczyslaw Fogg, Polish singer of the twentieth century

Fictional people named Fogg[edit]

Other instances of Fogg[edit]