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Fogo de Chão steakhouse in Washington, D.C.

Fogo de Chão (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈfo.ɡu dʒi ʃɐ̃w]) is a fine dining, full-service Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria. Fogo de Chão currently operates 25 locations in the United States of America and nine locations in Brazil. The name Fogo de Chao means "fire on the ground" and summarizes the traditional gaucho method of roasting meats over an open fire.


The company was founded by two sets of brothers, the Cosers and Ongarattos in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul in 1979. The first United States location opened in Dallas, Texas in 1997. The Brazilian private equity firm, GP Investments, made their initial investment in Fogo de Chão in 2006 and sold its shares to American private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners in 2012. On April 20, 2015, the company filed for an initial public offering on the NASDAQ, where it will trade under the symbol "FOGO."[1]


Lunch and dinner at Fogo de Chão operate the same and consist of the same items, at different prices. There is a fixed price for unlimited salad bar and tableside meat service. Customers wait for the cut of meat they would like to make its rounds.

Fogo de Chão sign


In 2006, the restaurant was named as one of America's top restaurants by Zagat Survey.[2][better source needed]


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