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Closed two bladed Gori folding propeller.

A folding propeller is a type of propeller where the propeller blades fold in when the propeller is not in use, and out when the propeller is in use. This type of propeller is often used on sailing yachts to reduce drag while under sail. Folding propellers are also used on model airplanes to reduce air drag when the motor is stopped.

Pros and cons of folding compared with fixed propellers are:

Pros Cons
Folding propellers reduce drag while not in use. Less fluid resistance allows for more speed through the water or air. Non self feathering folding propellers have poor performance when used in reverse.
Less noise and vibration than fixed blades when not in use since the propeller will not rotate when forced through water. They cost more than fixed propellers.
Self feathering propellers may increase efficiency because the blades are always pitched at the optimal angle. For marine propellers, vegetation growth can stop the propeller from folding in/out.

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