Folkestone School for Girls

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The Folkestone School for Girls
Established 1905
Type Grammar academy
Headteacher C. Stubbings
Location Coolinge Lane
CT20 3RB
England Coordinates: 51°04′36″N 1°09′04″E / 51.0768°N 1.1512°E / 51.0768; 1.1512
DfE number 886/5437
DfE URN 137837 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Students 1048
Gender Girls
Ages 11–18
Houses Austen
Colours Dark and light blue
Website The Folkestone School for Girls

Folkestone School for Girls (FSG) is an all-girls grammar school with academy status, located in Folkestone, Kent, England. It is situated next to Sandgate Primary School on Coolinge Lane. It has good reports from OFSTED, and excellent grades from the pupils. There is a crosskeys bus that takes girls to the top of the hill.


It started in 1905 as the Folkestone County School for Girls. The boys' grammar school is called the Harvey Grammar School.


The school intended to use the entrance examination introduced by Dover Grammar School for Boys, but, after an objection by Kent County Council, it was ruled on July 8 2005 by the Schools Adjudicator that the school should use the county's selection test.[1]


The school was chosen at random by the Radiocommunications Agency, which has since been incorporated into Ofcom, as one of a number of schools for which the radiation exposure from cellphone transmitter towers should be measured. The measurements were made on November 23 2001. According to the measurements, the highest ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) public exposure level on the site was over four-thousand times greater than the lowest level.[2]

House System[edit]

There are four houses named after historically important women: (Marie) Curie, (Amy) Johnson, (Jane) Austen and (Emmeline) Pankhurst. Each house has an assigned colour, green, red, yellow and blue, respectively. The houses also have their own prefects, chosen from Year 13.

Notable former pupils[edit]


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