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Coordinates: 45°50′42″N 6°09′09″E / 45.8449°N 6.15255°E / 45.8449; 6.15255

La savoyarde

Fonderie Paccard is a French foundry located in Annecy. Founded in 1796, the foundry has cast more than 120,000 bells located throughout the world.[1] The foundry has been continuously operated for seven generations by the Paccard family. The largest bell cast by Paccard is the World Peace Bell.

Paccard is best known in the United States for its participation in the Liberty Bell Savings Bond Project. As part of the Marshall Plan of industrial assistance to create and maintain jobs in war-torn Europe, the foundry cast 57 replicas of the Liberty Bell in 1950-51. Most of the bells were distributed, one each, to the then-48 U.S. states as tributes to their citizens' respective services in World War II. Most of the Liberty Bell Project bells survive and are on public display.[2]


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