Fong Sai-yuk II

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Fong Sai-yuk II
Fong sai yuk 2 dvd.jpg
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Traditional 方世玉續集
Simplified 方世玉续集
Mandarin Fāng Shìyù Xùjí
Cantonese Fong1 Sai3 Juk6 Zuk6 Zaap6
Directed by Corey Yuen
Produced by Jet Li
Written by John Chan
Jeff Lau
Starring Jet Li
Josephine Siao
Adam Cheng
Michelle Reis
Amy Kwok
Corey Yuen
Music by Lowell Lo
Stephen Shing
Cinematography Mark Lee
Edited by Angie Lam
Eastern Production Ltd.
Distributed by Gala Film Distribution Ltd.
Release dates
  • 30 July 1993 (1993-07-30)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$23,013,797.00

Fong Sai-yuk II (aka The Legend II and The Legend of Fong Sai-yuk II) is a 1993 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Corey Yuen, and starring Jet Li as a Chinese folk hero Fong Sai-yuk, the film is a sequel to Fong Sai-yuk, which released in 1993. Two former of Miss Hong Kong Pageant winner, Michele Monique Reis (1988) and Amy Kwok (1991) plays Fong Sai-yuk wives respectively


Fong Sai-yuk and his wife, Ting-ting, are now full fledged members of the Red Flower Society. Fong Sai-yuk's godfather, Chan Ka-lok, is the leader of the society, and he intends to groom Fong to become his successor. Chan Ka-lok's deputy, the ruthless Yu Chun-hoi, stands in Fong Sai-yuk's way and attempts to harm him. The society's members are unaware that Chan Ka-lok is actually the younger brother of the Kin-lung Emperor, and they may renounce their loyalty to Chan Ka-lok if they discover his true identity. Meanwhile, some Japanese rōnin find evidence of Chan Ka-lok's birth and attempt to pass it to the emperor.

Chan Ka-lok sends Fong Sai-yuk to stop the rōnin but Fong is distracted by a young damsel in distress during the battle, and he focuses on rescuing her instead of retrieving the evidence. At a critical moment when Fong Sai-yuk is almost killed by the rōnin, his mother, Miu Chui-fa, arrives and saves him. Despite so, the rōnin get away and pass the evidence to viceroy Suen Si-ngai. The woman that Fong Sai-yuk rescued earlier is actually Suen On-yee, the viceroy's daughter. Chan Ka-lok plans for Fong Sai-yuk to enter a martial arts contest to win On-yee's hand in marriage and use the opportunity to steal the evidence from the viceroy. On-yee has already fallen in love with Fong Sai-yuk and marries him for real, much to the dislike of Ting-ting. However, the viceroy is aware of Fong Sai-yuk's true intention and the contest turns out to be a trap for Fong. On-yee manages to persuade her father to release Fong Sai-yuk by threatening to commit suicide.

Fong Sai-yuk returns to the society and admits to have failed in his mission. Since he had made a promise earlier that he will disable himself if he fails the mission, the cunning Yu Chun-hoi forces Chan Ka-lok to abide by the agreement, and Chan cripples Fong, rendering him unable to practice martial arts in future. While Fong Sai-yuk recovers, Yu Chun-hoi instigates the society's members to turn against Chan Ka-lok and seizes the position of leader. Yu Chun-hoi then sends his men to kill Fong Sai-yuk in order to silence him. Fong Sai-yuk escapes, but his mother is captured by Yu Chun-hoi. To save his mother, Fong Sai-yuk returns and fights his way through, blindfolding himself so that he will not see his former fellows spilling blood. Apparently, he has not been disabled at all, and he defeats and kills Yu Chun-hoi after an intense fight. Fong Sai-yuk saves his godfather from prison and restores him to his leadership position. By the end of the film, Fong Sai-yuk's two wives have come to terms with each other, such that they can talk and behave in absolute unison. Fong Sai-yuk decides to retire from the martial arts community and spend the rest of his life with his family.


Alternate versions[edit]

Differences between U.S. and H.K. versions[edit]

The DVD release published by Dimension is dubbed in English and contains different music cues compared to the original Hong Kong Universe version. The HK prints come in different releases such as: Universe Old version DVD (embedded subtitles), Universe Remastered DVD (optional subs), Universe VCD (embedded subtitles, based on the old release) and the Tai Seng VHS (also based on the old release). The US version entitled The Legend II cuts a scene where Lee Kwok-Bong is naked but the rest of the film is left uncut. The remastered Universe DVD maintains a red tinting throughout the whole entire film except in night scenes.

Taiwanese version[edit]

The Taiwanese version entitled Gongfu Huangdi 2 (功夫皇帝2; Kungfu Emperor 2) dubbed in Mandarin is distributed by Scholar/Taiwan and runs longer than all other versions. The opening sequence of the film shows a white screen with red Chinese credits. The H.K. version has English credits while the Taiwanese version does not. The following are some scenes that have been omitted in all other versions:

  1. Flashback scenes at the beginning: featured in colour and not in B&W as in the H.K. version. There is an additional scene of Miu Chui-fa talking and eating at the same time and another scene showing Fong Sai-yuk as a child. Some flashback scenes from the previous film have been omitted as well.
  2. A dialogue after Ting-ting said, "You only care for your mom, not me!" There is a scene of Chan saying "Sai-yuk, let's go."
  3. The bath scene showing Lee Kwok-bong's bare bottom has been cut from the Taiwanese version for print damage and nudity.
  4. Final fight scene: extended scene of Yu Chun-hoi stamping on Fong Sai-yuk's face.

The Taiwanese version contains Jet Li's original voice in Mandarin. The up and down black bars move up and down because of film transfer and does not feature the red tinting featured in the H.K. remastered DVD.

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