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Food Parade, Inc. (known as Greenfield's ShopRite) is a Long Island based supermarket chain with a total of three stores. Food Parade is a member of the ShopRite retailers' cooperative and therefore trades as ShopRite. Food Parade is owned by the Greenfield family, and calls itself Greenfield's ShopRite in local advertising and in store branding.

Food Parade began in the 1960s, with three stores. Two in Queens, and one in Smithtown, New York. In 1972 the existing three stores closed, and a new store located in Hicksville, New York opened. Another store located in Plainview opened in the Morton Village Shopping Centre in the 1980s. In 1990 the Hicksville store was also moved to Plainview. During the mid-1990s both stores saw expansion and renovation. The Commack location opened in January 2011. Food Parade was formerly a member of the Foodtown cooperative until 1997, when they switched over to ShopRite.

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