Foodland (South Australia)

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For other uses, see Foodland.
buying group / brand name
Industry supermarkets
Headquarters Flinders Park, South Australia
Number of locations
115 (2012)[1]
Area served
South Australia, Northern Territory, Broken Hill
Number of employees
Slogan The Mighty South Aussies

Foodland is an Australian supermarket brand with over one hundred and twenty locations, primarily in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Most Foodland stores are supplied by IGA. These supermarkets are generally larger than IGA-branded ones. The stores are independently owned and operated, although several operators own multiple stores, for example Drake Supermarkets own 40 supermarkets. Drake Supermarkets are owned by Roger Drake. Romeo's Retail Group is the second largest owner, with 24 supermarkets and even plans to go up to 30.[2]


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