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Footjob is a sexual practice with the feet[1][2] that involves one’s feet being rubbed on a partner in order to induce sexual excitement, stimulation or orgasm. It is considered to be a part of foot fetishism. Footjobs are most often performed on males, with one partner using his/her feet and/or toes to stroke or rub the other partner's genital area. Footjob may also refer to the practice of using one's feet and/or toes to caress a female partner's breasts or vulva.[3]


Footjobs are a type of non-penetrative sex that can be performed as an act of foreplay or until the receiving partner orgasms. The person giving a footjob uses his/her feet and/or toes to stimulate the partner by rubbing or stroking (or anything which may be done to the genitals with the feet) the genitals of the partner. This may be done barefoot, or while wearing footwear such as socks, pantyhose, stockings, flip-flops, high heels, boots, or sandals.


Basic methods[edit]

Footjob in action
Reverse footjob

There are a number of variations on the practice of a footjob, which can include:

  • Alternately or concurrently using the toes, soles and arches of one's feet to stroke or rub the partner's genitals.
  • Using a single foot.
  • Toejob: one partner primarily uses his/her toes to stroke or rub the penis of his/her partner, often placing the glans and/or shaft of the male's penis between his/her big toe and second toe while performing the toejob.
  • Solejob: one partner primarily uses the soles of his/her feet to stroke or rub the other partner's penis.
  • Stepping: one partner applies pressure to the other partner's penis by stepping on it. This can be with heels, barefoot or with other footwear.
  • Sandaljob: The footjob is performed whilst the giver is wearing sandals. This could be by forcing the penis between the foot and sandal sole, or simply between both sandal clad feet. The former is best performed with thong type sandals or other strappy type sandals.

Popular culture[edit]


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