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Football NSW
Football NSW logo.png
Formation 2005
Headquarters New South Wales, Australia
Parent organization FFA

Football NSW is the governing body for soccer and futsal in the Australian state of New South Wales with the exception of the northern regions of NSW (the governing body for which is Northern New South Wales Football). Football NSW is a member of the national governing body, the Football Federation Australia. Football NSW's premier football competition is the National Premier Leagues NSW, known prior to 2013 as the New South Wales Premier League. The premier futsal competition is the Futsal Premier League.

In 2008 there was a shake-up of the New South Wales Men's, Women's and Youth competitions, including a restructure of the youth teams so that they are aligned with their senior clubs. There was also a restructure of the men's senior competitions including new teams added to the NSW Premier League and a new Promotion/Relegation system. Prior to 1 April 2007, Football NSW was known as Soccer NSW.[1]


The headquarters of Football NSW are located at Valentine Sport Park [2], Glenwood. Valentine Sports Park is a multipurpose sporting complex which caters for various groups, as well as individuals. The complex consists of twin, triple and quad rooms accommodating up to 180 people, 5 playing fields, lecture rooms, indoor sports hall, 20 metre outdoor pool, sports medicine centre and a dining room open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also contains the offices of the Football NSW staff.

Regional Branches:

Football NSW Southern Branch, also known as Southern NSW Football.[2] Southern Branch is located in South Nowra. Southern Branch is the Controlling Body for football in the Southern Region of NSW covering the areas from Geringong and south to the Victorian border, inland covering the Southern Highlands and tablelands. The Branch Manager is Phil McColl, Coaching and Development Manager is James Muir. The commercial & marketing division of the branch is headed by Jim Stefan.

Western Branch, also known as Western NSW Football [3] is located in Bathurst, NSW.


The majoriy of Football NSW's time goes into the football competitions they oversee and run. Football NSW oversees the running of numerous representative youth, Men's & Women's association football leagues and cups, a number of which are non-amateur. They also oversee the countless club and amateur competitions run by the affiliated associations around the state. For a detailed rundown of the various leagues and systems run in New South Wales see Football (soccer) in New South Wales.


Football NSW is also the governing body for Futsal is New South Wales. There are two representative leagues named the "Futsal Premier League" (Known as Refund Futsal Premier League for sponsorship reasons) and the "Futsal Super League". Originally there was only one representative league with 16 teams. In the 06/07 season the competition was cut into 2 separate divisions of 8 teams each. In the 07/08 season the top 8 clubs in the club championship (aggregate points of all teams) from that season were put in the First Division while the last 8 were put in the second division. Now in 09/10 there is 8 premier league teams and 14 super league teams.

The Futsal leagues cater for the following age groups:


  • 12's
  • 14's
  • 16's
  • Youth(19's)
  • Open Men


  • 12's
  • 14's
  • 16's
  • Open Women

This is a breakup of the teams in the Futsal leagues as of the end of the 08/09 season:

Futsal Premier League Futsal Super League
  • Inner West Allstars
  • Sydney City Eagles
  • Macot Vipers
  • Campbeltown City Quake
  • Dural Warriors
  • Western Raiders
  • Sydney Benfica Fc
  • Hawksbury Commordors FCB
  • Greater Western Sydney Vikings
  • Enfield Rovers
  • Liverpool Fusion
  • Maccabi Futsal
  • South Coast Taipans Fc
  • Botany Bay Pirates
  • Breakers Fc
  • APIA Lichhardt Tigers
  • Northern Tigers
  • Boomerangs FS
  • UTS Barcelona Fc
  • Sutherland Shire
  • West City Crusaders
  • Hills Brumbies


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