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Football in Yemen is run by the Yemen Football Association.[1][2][3] The association administers the Yemen national football team, as well as the Yemeni League.[4]

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Yemen. The Yemen national football team competes in the FIFA and AFC leagues. The country also hosts many football clubs that compete nationally and internationally.

Yemen hosted the 2010 Gulf Cup of Nations in Aden. Yemen was thought to be the strongest competitor, but was defeated in the first three rounds.

The development of football in Yemen is often thought to be held by back many of Yemen's internal problems such as terrorist attack threats, political tension between the North and South, an unstable economy, and a high illiteracy rate just to name a few.[5]

The Yemeni national team has never won a championship, though it includes many renowned Arab players. But its most famous footballer is Yemeni striker Ali Al-Nono who is the highest goal-scorer for the Yemeni League and has played in the top division of Bahrain and Syria.

Early Beginnings[edit]


Despite boasting a population of over 20,000,000 inhabitants, Yemen has only 9,200 registers players.[6] Many of the clubs in the Yemeni League offer free admission to their matches, but despite this incentive the attendance is declining and support is waning.


While football is the most popular sport in Yemen, its domestic league is over-shadowed by the more popular, European leagues of Spain's La Liga which Yemenis prefer to watch and support.[7]

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