Foothill, Salt Lake City

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Coordinates: 40°44′N 111°50′W / 40.733°N 111.833°W / 40.733; -111.833

This Is The Place Heritage Park located within the Foothill neighborhood

Foothill in Salt Lake City, Utah is a relatively affluent and primarily residential neighborhood of Salt Lake City that lies at the base of the Wasatch Range and extends west to approximately 1500 East. Also sometimes referred to as "The East Bench", it is bordered on the north by the Federal Heights neighborhood and on the south by Interstate 80. This neighborhood becomes increasingly affluent moving from west to east. The neighborhood takes its name from the area's major traffic artery of Foothill Drive (State Route 186), which runs parallel to the base of the mountains and connects Interstate 80 with the University of Utah and downtown Salt Lake City. The University of Utah sits at the north end of this neighborhood. Points of interest include the Hogle Zoo, Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, This Is The Place Heritage Park, Fort Douglas Military Museum and the Foothill Village Shopping Center. Some notable residents and former residents include numerous authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS comedian John Bytheway, and billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman, Sr..

Foothill includes many distinct neighborhoods, including the Country Club (near the Salt Lake Country Club), the eastern side of historic Sugar House, the Harvard-Yale Neighborhood, where many of the streets are named after schools, Oak Hills (formerly the site of the Oak Hills drive-in, above Hogle Zoo), Donner Park, University Village, St. Mary's Park, and the Devonshire Neighborhood near the "H-Rock", a large rock with an H painted on it that represents Highland High School.

The east bench neighborhoods have their own distinctive culture. Many residents take pride that they are part of multi-generational families who have attended the same high school. Favorite vacation spots include Bear Lake and Newport Beach. It is not unusual for East Bench residents to run into other East Bench residents in the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach. East High School, a central feature of the area, was the high school featured in the Disney High School Musical movies.

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