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This article is about the British television programme. For the political phrase, see Think of the children. For the Chinese film, see Pretty Big Feet.

For the Children was a British television programme targeted at children of school age. First broadcast on the BBC Television Service at 3 pm on Saturday 24 April 1937, for its first two years the series was ten minutes in length. Suspended in 1939 along with the rest of BBC Television for the duration of the Second World War, it returned on 9 June 1946, running on Sunday afternoons and expanded to twenty minutes in length.

The series featured a variety of different presenters and acts: story readings, puppet shows, songs. In August 1946 the "hugely popular" children's puppet Muffin the Mule made his television debut on the show, accompanied by his "friend" Annette Mills.[1]

For the Children was last broadcast in December 1951, when it was superseded by other BBC children's television programmes, including Watch with Mother.


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